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PI/P polyglass bushings

Bushing insulators in polyester polyglass material reinforced with fiberglass in red color.
PI/P type bushing insulators are manufactured by compression molding, and are absolutely unbreakable, with high mechanical and electrical characteristics, can be used even in precarious working conditions (high ambient temperature, in the presence of corrosive substance, etc.).

The pass-through insulators are made up of 2 polyglass insulating pieces that fit one inside the other. The blocking is done by a rod and 2 nuts, one of which is fixed to the rod. The conductors are locked with the rod and the nuts. The conductors can be connected or disconnected on both sides without twisting or unscrewing them.
The central rod of the socket is made of nickel-plated brass.
Nuts and washers in nickel-plated brass and galvanized steel

The material used is certified and classified HL2 according to standard EN 45545-2.
Certified R7, R22 and R23 for railway standard EN 45545-2.

PI/P Polyglass – Catalogue sheet

Polyglass specification

Operating temperature-40°C to +130°C
Fire resistancyUL94UL-94- VO (3mm)
Fire protection railwayEN45545-2Class HL2
R7 - R22 - R23
Flexural strengthEN ISO 17890 MPa
Flexural modulusEN ISO 17810000 MPa
Impact strengthEN ISO 17930 KJ/m²
Tracking resistanceIEC 60112600 V
Dielectric strengthUNI 429117 kV/mm
Arc resistanceASTM D295> 180 s
Glow wire testIEC 60695-2-12960 °C
DensityISO 11831,80 +/- 0,02 g/cm³
Water absorptionISO 62< 0,2 %

Pi/P Polyglass support insulators

Pi/PM4REDNickel brassM4101535012.52.58.5600 V601 kgDownload
Pi/PM4-BLKBLACKNickel brassM4101535012.52.58.5600 V601 kgDownload
Pi/PM6REDNickel brassM61222565173.512.51000 V401.6 kgDownload
Pi/PM6-BLKBLACKNickel brassM61222565173.512.51000 V401.6 kgDownload
Pi/PM8REDNickel brassM813.525580213.515.51000 V302.3 kgDownload
Pi/PM8-BLKBLACKNickel brassM813.525580213.515.51000 V302.3 kgDownload
Pi/PM10REDNickel brassM101530595284.517.51000 V202.8 kgDownload
Pi/PM10-BLKBLACKNickel brassM101530595284.517.51000 V202.8 kgDownload
Pi/PM12REDNickel brassM121735510529520.51000 V10Download
Pi/PM12-BLKBLACKNickel brassM121735510529520.51000 V10Download
Pi/PM16REDNickel brassM1622437135385.525.52000 V104.4 kgDownload
Pi/PM16-BLKBLACKNickel brassM1622437135385.525.52000 V104.4 kgDownload
Pi/PM20REDNickel brassM202554815544630.52000 V53.8 kgDownload
Pi/PM20-BLKBLACKNickel brassM202554815544630.52000 V53.8 kgDownload