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Polyglass support insulators

Polyglass support insulators made of polyester material reinforced with fiberglass in red color.
CO/P type insulators are made by compression molding, and are absolutely unbreakable, with high mechanical and electrical characteristics, can be used even in precarious working conditions (high ambient temperature, in the presence of corrosive substance, etc. ).

The material used is certified and classified HL2 according to standard EN 45545-2.
Certified R7, R22 and R23 for railway standard EN 45545-2.
On request, we can supply the insulators with:
– Female inserts in stainless steel or brass
– Female inserts in inches
– One or two “AM-BOT” or “AM-TOP” type male connections

CO/P Polyglass support insulators – Catalog sheet

Polyglass specification

Operating temperature-40°C to +130°C
Fire resistancyUL94UL-94- VO (3mm)
Fire protection railwayEN45545-2Class HL2
R7 - R22 - R23
Flexural strengthEN ISO 17890 MPa
Flexural modulusEN ISO 17810000 MPa
Impact strengthEN ISO 17930 KJ/m²
Tracking resistanceIEC 60112600 V
Dielectric strengthUNI 429117 kV/mm
Arc resistanceASTM D295> 180 s
Glow wire testIEC 60695-2-12960 °C
DensityISO 11831,80 +/- 0,02 g/cm³
Water absorptionISO 62< 0,2 %

CO/P Polyglass support insulators

CO/P16M4REDZn plated steelM4M416203220 V400 DaN250 DaN2100 DaN2 Nm2504.10 kgDownload
CO/P16M5REDZn plated steelM5M516203220 V400 DaN250 DaN2100 DaN6 Nm2504.10 kgDownload
CO/P16M6REDZn plated steelM6M616203220 V400 DaN250 DaN2100 DaN8 Nm2504.10 kgDownload
CO/P16M8REDZn plated steelM8M816204220 V400 DaN250 DaN2100 DaN10 Nm2504.10 kgDownload
CO/P20M4REDZn plated steelM4M420205400 V400 DaN250 DaN2100 DaN2 Nm2004.20 kgDownload
CO/P20M5REDZn plated steelM5M520205400 V400 DaN250 DaN2100 DaN6 Nm2004.20 kgDownload
CO/P20M6REDZn plated steelM6M620205400 V400 DaN250 DaN2100 DaN10 Nm2004.20 kgDownload
CO/P20M8REDZn plated steelM8M820205400 V400 DaN250 DaN2100 DaN10 Nm2004.20 kgDownload
CO/P25M4REDZn plated steelM4M425207500 V400 DaN250 DaN2100 DaN2 NM1503.80 kgDownload
CO/P25M5REDZn plated steelM5M525206500 V400 DaN250 DaN2100 DaN6 NM1503.80 kgDownload
CO/P25M6REDZn plated steelM6M625207500 V400 DaN250 DaN2100 DaN10 Nm1503.80 kgDownload
CO/P25M8REDZn plated steelM8M825206500 V400 DaN250 DaN2100 DaN14 Nm1503.80 kgDownload
CO/P30M4REDZn plated steelM4M430208600 V400 DaN200 DaN2100 DaN2 Nm1404.20 kgDownload
CO/P30M5REDZn plated steelM5M530208600 V400 DaN200 DaN2100 DaN8 Nm1404.20 kgDownload
CO/P30M6REDZn plated steelM6M630208600 V400 DaN200 DaN2100 DaN12 Nm1404.20 kgDownload
CO/P30M8REDZn plated steelM8M830208600 V400 DaN200 DaN2100 DaN16 Nm1404.20 kgDownload
CO/P35M5REDZn plated steelM5M535208600 V400 DaN150 DaN2100 DaN8 Nm1203.90 kgDownload
CO/P35M6REDZn plated steelM6M635208600 V400 DaN150 DaN2100 DaN12 Nm1203.90 kgDownload
CO/P35M8REDZn plated steelM8M835208600 V400 DaN150 DaN2100 DaN16 Nm1203.90 kgDownload
CO/P40M5REDZn plated steelM5M540207600 V400 DaN150 DaN2100 DaN8 Nm1103.90 kgDownload
CO/P40M6REDZn plated steelM6M640208600 V400 DaN150 DaN2100 DaN12 Nm1103.90 kgDownload
CO/P40M8REDZn plated steelM8M840208600 V400 DaN150 DaN2100 DaN16 Nm1103.90 kgDownload
CO/P45M5REDZn plated steelM5M5452010750 V400 DaN150 DaN2100 DaN8 Nm1004.00 kgDownload
CO/P45M6REDZn plated steelM6M6452010750 V400 DaN150 DaN2100 DaN12 Nm1004.00 kgDownload
CO/P45M8REDZn plated steelM8M8452010750 V400 DaN150 DaN2100 DaN16 Nm1004.000 kgDownload
CO/P50M5REDZn plated steelM5M550208750 V400 DaN100 DaN2100 DaN8 Nm803.40 kgDownload
CO/P50M6REDZn plated steelM6M6502010750 V400 DaN100 DaN2100 DaN12 Nm803.40 kgDownload
CO/P50M8REDZn plated steelM8M8502010750 V400 DaN100 DaN2100 DaN16 Nm803.40 kgDownload
CO/P60M6REDZn plated steelM6M6602012750 V400 DaN100 DaN2100 DaN12 Nm703.40 kgDownload
CO/P60M8REDZn plated steelM8M8602010750 V400 DaN100 DaN2100 DaN16 Nm703.40 kgDownload