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Epoxy support insulators for high temperatures

High temperature epoxy support insulators – Catalog sheet

High temperature epoxy insulators are suitable for use in extreme conditions:
For high mechanical stresses
For strong vibrations
For high temperatures up to +200°C
For heavy pollution (increased creepage distance)

Epoxy resin high temperatures material

Raw material
Tensile strengthISO R 52765 N/mm²
Flexural strengthISO R 178130 N/mm²
E-modulusISO 17812000 N/mm²
Impact strengthISO 17910 kJ/m²
Notch impact strengthISO 1793 kJ/m²
Volume resistivityIEC 60093 (10)^15 Ohm*cm
Surface resitivityIEC 60093(10)^15 Ohm
Temperature time limit RTI
2.000 hIEC 216200°C
20.000 hIEC 216180°C
100.000 hUL 746 B168°C
Glass percentageC-Norm10 %
Class of flammabilityUL 94V0
Water absorbtion (100°C/30min)ISO 620,06%
Coeff. of linear thermal expansionDIN 53752 (20 - 80°C)25 1/(K*10^-6)
Thermal conductivity (25°C)DIN 526120,70 W/m*K
Tracking resistanceIEC 60112CTI >600
Dielectric strengthIEC 60243 - 122 kV/mm
DensityDIN 534791.9 g/cm³
ColorRAL 9004black

High temperature standoff insulators

BE35-M83121111013Nickel brass1635508518-9300360040 Nm70004000018110
BE35-M103121111033Nickel brass1635508518-9300360040 Nm70004000039110
BE40-M83121084013Nickel brass12405211052123004000≥ 8010000-18140
BE40-M103121084033Nickel brass12405211052123004000≥ 8010000-32140
BE40-M123121084063Nickel brass12405211052123004000≥ 8010000-55140
BE50-M83121062013Nickel brass14505212052123505000≥ 80110007000018170
BE50-M103121062033Nickel brass14505212052123505000≥ 80110007000032170
BE50-M123121062053Nickel brass14505212052123505000≥ 80110007000055170
BE60-M8Nickel brass2060561302856165507000≥ 14018000-18320
BE60-M10Nickel brass2060561302856165507000≥ 14018000-32320
BE60-M12Nickel brass2060561302856165507000≥ 14018000-55320